Google E-A-T?

How well would Google rate you with E-A-T?

What is E-A-T?

Trustworthiness), or Page Quality

If you’re just searching for pictures of cute cats, then E‑A-T probably doesn’t matter that much. The topic is subjective, and it’s no big deal if you see a cat you don’t think is cute.
If you’re searching for the correct dosage of aspirin when pregnant, on the other hand, then E‑A-T is undoubtedly important.

If Google were to surface content on this topic written by a clueless writer, published on an untrustworthy website that lacks authority, then the probability of that content being inaccurate or misleading is high.

So the anser is to do more than just sell your services, you need to be the expert and be seen to offer aswesome advice, provide qood quality references and quote great stats. You know, be helpfull.

Do you quote experts? display industry standards and insights?

Do you update content to keep it relivent and engaging.

How does your site look to your industry? if you want to know more get in touch.

Have a great day.

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